Is counselling for you?

Is counselling for you?

Let me help you! Being in therapy is NOT about being crazy; in fact therapy is for those who are VERY sane …people who are JUST LIKE YOU!!!

People come for different reasons:

• Some because they feel the need to talk about themselves, to feel heard and understood.

• Some because they are searching for who they are, what they want.

• Some because they recognize that from time to time it is okay and beneficial to seek assistance in coping with issues that are too difficult to deal with on their own

• Some because they need to learn how to cope with stressful life events such as a relationship breakup or divorce, a chronic or life threatening illness or death of a loved one.

• Some because they value alternative approaches to problem solving

What they all have in common is about wanting to make a difference to their lives.
The main benefit of counselling is that it helps you to have a life which you can more fully enjoy and appreciate. It can help you to become the sort of person you want to be. It can also help you to more deeply enjoy your important relationships.