How I work

Every human being is unique and every therapy is unique.

I trained in the humanistic approach to therapy, particularly in the Person Centred Approach as described by Carl Rogers. This means I believe that every person has their own unique way of perceiving and understanding the world and that the things they do only make sense in this light. I am interested in “ what is it like for you…” and I endeavour to see things your way, to put myself in your shoes…

I believe that given the right support (acceptance of who you are, without judgement), in the right environment (private and confidential) and with you and I working together ( being honest with each other, trusting each other), you stand a good chance of getting to know the real you, understanding yourself better and possibly making the changes you want or need.
It may be a challenging process but the focus will always be on increasing your self-awareness. Therapy can be the path towards living in a more satisfying and fulfilling way, to living the life you want.

Some of you might benefit from just a few sessions, some even from just one and some from longer term therapy. It all depends on the problem or issue you bring with you and sometimes, just having someone listening to you, being interested in you, accepting you just as you are is enough for you to start seeing clarity where there might have been confusion. Once there is a clearer picture in your mind, making the necessary changes in your life will come more naturally. You will feel empowered.

In addition to my Person-Centred Approach therapy, I may offer other therapies in sessions where and when it feels appropriate and with your consent, such as CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), SFT (Solution Focused Therapy), BT (Brief Therapy) and finally NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

I see adults and young adults (over the age of 18).